PT series - ultra-thin soft product

产品类别:MicroCFoam PT

PT series is ultra-thin compressible foam specially used for mobile phone screen gasket application. The thickness of the product can be selected from 0.1mm to 0.3mm. It can provide buffer and shock absorption for the narrow space of mobile phone, and relieve and remove the water ripple phenomenon caused by screen pressing. At the same time, it can provide falling protection and reduces the risk of screen falling and shattering. The product structure is diverse. The adhesive series is convenient for direct bonding of materials. The air release adhesive series is suitable for large-area bubble-free bonding. The ultra-thin PET series can realize local adhesive bonding, which is convenient for customers to use.


Features and advantages
 • Ultra-thin thickness is convenient for filling narrow space
 • Ultra-soft compressibility can effectively alleviate water ripples
 • The function of buffer and shock absorption can protect LCD and OLED screens


 • cushion pad for LCD and OLED
 • speaker gasket
 • connector pad
 • narrow gap filler


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